02 December 2008

photos from last week

Sam and Mimi made the rolls. They made knots and the whole alphabet.

Rainbow jello. The most beautiful thing on the table.

How could I forget that we went to the Tumbling Gym with a bunch of the E family. (Lots were in town for my cousin Robby's wedding.)

This first one is Jamie and me on a teeter totter of sorts. It would appear that I sat down and made Jamie fly up, but really, she's trying to get some momentum to get back down. Though she does weigh less than me, we were even enough to stay on it for 5 minutes or so. At which point we got tired and took a rest.

This next one is some kind of teeter totter (maybe called something else?) for 4 people, 2 on each side. So it's my mom and Jamie on one side and Katie and me on the right. We never got it figured out. We must not be strong enough.

They also had one of these human hamster wheel things

and a foam pit you could jump into from a trampoline. Jack and Sam both did flips into it. How did they learn how to flip? I have no idea. Luke even loved it in there. But beware if you ever get into one, it sucks off your socks and even your pants if you're not careful.


Doug & Stef said...

Yikes! What a disappointment, you didn't get any pictures of the pants' suction :)

carrie said...

That tumbling gym looks like a dream come true. We need to get the Hansens in there. Can you imagine?

Marianne & Clayton said...

So I once bought a Jello book just to learn how to make the fancy rainbow Jello. Haven't done it just yet. And by "just yet" I mean in the ten years that I have had the book. Your blog is so much fun to read. You cover all of the really important things like crafts, food, lil' ones and creepy old men in grocery stores with misguided ideas about your parenting.

emily and logan said...

hey where is that gym!? logan would love it!

Peruchos said...

That's so fun! Where is that place?

Peruchos said...

P. S. I'm so bummed that we didn't get to go on Friday night with you guys and Whit and Monica...I hope you guys had fun!

leigh said...

the gym is in Provo, almost to Springville. Email me if you want the name (which I don't remember right this second.)