02 December 2008


Today we were at the grocery store when an old man asked if I curl Charlie's hair. Really? He even said "his" so he knew Charlie was a boy even before he asked his name. Maybe there are moms who curl their sons' hair, but I'm sure not one of them.

Etsy shop. I had one sale before I told anyone about it. Since my big giveaway and announcement no one's bought anything. I don't really need to sell the jewelry in the etsy shop, I just thought it would be fun. Turns out it's difficult to market. Maybe I should forgo etsy and take them back to the consignment store down the street. Any thoughts? I'm ready for criticism.

Thanksgiving. Was fun and busy! We got to see our good friends Eric and Josie while they were visiting family, we had a gingerbread decorating contest, had the first ever Indians agains the Pilgrims relay races, got to see aunt peggy (and lots of other E family members), and played Rock Band with Casey and Dan (if they were born just 10 years earlier, they would have been in some famous hair band, I'm sure.)

Christmas. No I'm not done. Of course I thought I'd get a bunch of things done last week, but that's impossible when you're visiting and playing and baking and sleeping (though Dan and I did clean and organize most of the garage in record time one morning.) I still have a few hand made things to do (pjs mostly), stocking stuffers, and a few other odds and ends so I'm not worried. Which is nice. And what I was trying to avoid when making plans to finish Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Penguins. They are now in the etsy shop. Which no one shops.

The end.


Jennifer M. said...

I'm trying to find my mom a really colorful bracelet. Do you do bracelets? My mom doesn't wear earrings, I think I can count on my fingers the no. of times I have seen her wear clip-ons.
We draw names with my siblings (for Christmas), and I drew my brother Jake, so I guess that it goes without saying that he probably doesn't need earrings. But at some point I would love to get some of your jewelry for myself :)

Jamie said...

You wouldn't really have to hand curl Luke's hair you could just put it up in curlers the night before. You should try that in your spare time. That is really funny!

I think you should stick with the Etsy shop for at least a few more years. If you don't get another purchase by then, then close it down. No just kidding. Actually the consignment shop sounds a lot simpler.