12 January 2009

resolutions and stuff

I've been sort of excited and sort of frustrated/overwhelmed with the prospect of resolutions this year. Afterall, I never finished my list from last year. And just in case you'd like a report - here it is:

My first goal was to talk in a kinder voice. Although it's a nice goal, I didn't really decide how I would do it or keep track of it. Therefore, I can't say that I'm any better at it, I may even be worse. Really the goal should be to calm down a few times a day or something that would really help me to speak kindly. Another one would be to not do things that make me frustrated while the kids need my attention. (Things that frustrate would be activities I'm doing in which I do not want to be disturbed.)

My second goal was to get good control of the finances. That was quite the ambiguous goal too, so it wasn't really achieved at all.

The third goal were all of those already started projects. I got 5 of 13 done. Not great. I still would really like to get the rest finished. And so I think I will start with them this year. I do have a bit of time every week while Luke is napping to work on something big. Here are the ones that are left:

1. paint benches (made in fall 2006)
2. sand and paint boxes to go under benches
3. paint and install 2 1 doors in Jack and Charlie's bedroom
4. bind Amy Butler quilt 2 (it's been sewn together and quilted)
5. sew top together, quilt, and bind red and white quilt
6. bind living room quilt (it's been quilted)
7. paint inside front door
8. green cabinet - pulls and legs and get it into the front room

In addition there are a few things for 2009, of course:

1. 1 more set of shelves in the storage room (3 have been done)
2. all stuff from basement into storage rooms and organized (we've been working on this already. progress is always too slow for me.)
3. bind another quilt (baby size)
4. lose weight before sara's wedding in maui. Let's say 10 pounds, but 20 sure would be nice.
5. fence the back yard
6. plant a vegetable garden
7. numerous small house projects

I'm sure I'll be adding to my list as the year goes on, and I'm sure I'll be sharing some of the progress.


Katie said...

One thing I realized about making goals is that I usually look at something so big and it seems impossible to do. But if I break it down into things I can accomplish daily I'm not so hard on myself. You can only do so much in a day, you know. I've been doing that for a while actually, and it is SO helpful. I pray to see opportunites throughout the day where I can act differently than usual. I don't think I would get as much help as I do if I didn't pray about it.

sara said...

I haven't gotten around to writing down any goals yet for this year... I do have a few in mind but think that maybe if I don't write them down I won't feel like I failed if I don't accomplish them! How's that for pessimism. We're planning a family trip in the summer and I was talking to the kids this morning about way to help save up money for it; that will be a fun family "goal" to work on together.

But I do like your list!

Marianne & Clayton said...

I love your blog with all of my heart. I love looking at your list of goals, as I have very similar lists with eerily similar things to check off. (Three quilts on it currently.) But for some reason your blog inspires me to get going, instead of feeling overwhelmed. I love seeing other people accomplish things. Even if it is slowly. However, in blog land it isn't slow. I just read your 2008 list, and look! Most of it got done! Here's to 2009.