02 February 2009

a new mix

For those of you who like my mix tapes . . . I've made a new one. One where you can come with me back to Deseret Towers and Hampton Court (back to 1993-1995). Maybe only 3 of you will even care about that (and I'm hoping the 3 of you will love listening.) It doesn't auto start (since many of you just can't stand that) so if you want to listen, just click on it on the sidebar. (I'd include a picture from said era, but I'd have to scan it, and my scanner's not working right now. I'll post one if I can fix it.)

Another note: Ginny, a good friend of mine my freshman year (and my roommate my sophomore year), made a mix tape to send to her friend. She never ended up sending it and we listened to it all the time. I've been trying to recreate that tape ever since. Why didn't I just copy it? I'm not sure. Gin, if you have that tape, I want the playlist.

Sara, Ginny, and Ann - if you think of any other songs I'm missing - please let me know and I'll add them. I had a blast finding them. (I tried finding Jeannette by English Beat and it wasn't on that player! But I got it on iTunes. Love it.)


Kate said...

SO fun!

sara said...

Holy cow Leigh! 54 songs - how did you think of so many? FUN!! I will listen to this tomorrow when I sit down at the computer to pay some bills. Good times, good times. Oh Evan Dando.

Dukes said...

Guess what? I lived in Hampton Court too! I wonder if there is more than one Hampton Court... 659 N. 700 E.?

ginny said...

Blast from the Past. My favorite on there was the Frank Mills redux by the Lemonheads. Remember how we used to swoon over that Spin mag cover of Evan Dando? Haven't thought about that song or the band in forever.

I haven't owned any tapes in forever, so I'm sure that mix is long gone. The only things I remember are that it started with "Stop!" by Jane's Addiction followed by Ana Ng by They Might Be Giants. But all of your playlist songs look like the usual suspects for inclusion.

BTW, love your reference to mixtapes. I have long been a fan of the phrase "mixtape" due to my past love of making and receiving them. In fact, I own a dozen or so avatars, email addresses, websites, etc. that use it in some form or another. One of these days I'll actually get around to launching the small business ventures I have in mind for them.