06 February 2009

random stuff going on here

Sam reading to Charlie in Sam's bed. Sometimes Jack reads to him. I love it when they get along nicely.

Cache of lego pieces and playmobil weapons inside the leg of the armoir. This picture was taken by Charlie.
Dan turned another year older! (And got his favorite - chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.)
Jack's first Pinewood Derby! He won 2nd place in his age group. His car was named the purple turtle (because the tortoise beats the hare). He had lots of fun watching all the races!


orangeemily said...

this is one of my favorite posts. i like little clips of what's going on. cute jack! oh and sam reading to charlie?!? wow.

Jamie said...

Katie's looking over my shoulder (sick today-she says) and said, "why didn't we go to Dan's birthday." Yeah, why not how rude not to be invited lol. The picture of him does look a lot like picture of you guys when you were first married, minus the glasses.