25 March 2009


I forgot about taking these pictures of Carrie's family while they were here one afternoon. She is Dan's sister and lives far away. We rarely get to see her or her little family. While they were here we rocked a bit (Todd and Carrie are very serious rockers, Stella's on guitar), and played a bit, and had to bribe the kids to take pictures with the cousins. It was nice to see everyone.


carrie said...

I need a copy of these pics. Stella looks all emo in that first shot. I should really do my daughter's hair more often.

Doug & Stef said...

Yeah carrie - rock it out! I can't believe how big they are all getting - charlie is huge!

Groshon said...

Hey Leigh,
I check your blog now and then and I had to laugh at your story of the "fifth baby" my sister tells the EXACT same one... looking around to see if someone's missing... they have 4 boys and thought they were done but they just had their 5th last month, a girl!

good luck with your decision! I know it is such a tough one... we are just trying to build up to 3! scary! haha!