11 March 2009


To answer a few questions:

Yes - I've been in Hawaii (just got back)
Yes - I wore the dress I made
No - I will not post a picture of me in it
Yes - It was fun
Yes - Dan and I were both sick the whole time (and so were all the kids and my mom, and we're all still kind of sick.)

We went to Maui for Dan's sister Sara's wedding. Here are Sara and Travis listening to Todd (another brother in law) while he gives them a little advice. (He was the unofficial officiator - there was also a Justice of the Peace there to do the actual paperwork, which is apparently the only official business.)
The happy couple cutting the cake. What do you think - isn't it a gorgeous spot? (ps - the cake was yellow with white polka dots, so cute.)
another shot of the beach we were on for the wedding. (see the chairs set up behind Dan and to the left.)

Laura, Sara, and Dan

some of the wedding flowers. all orchids.

Congratulations Sara and Travis! Thanks for having your wedding in Maui!


sara said...

Oh wow how fun! Everything looks great. Lucky ducks ~ although I'm sorry you guys were sick!

Doug & Stef said...

Oh - Sara looks so pretty and so does Laura sheesh! How fun for all you guys!! except that whole sicky poo thing yuck I'm sorry! And I'm really mad you didn't put the picture of you in your dress. that's rude :)