29 April 2009

Moab (Finally)

The day Luke got admitted to the hospital was Easter. The next day was the start of our spring break and we were planning to go to Moab. The plan was to get a hotel with a pool so the kids could swim, only stay one night, and go hiking the next day. We didn't go that Monday as planned, but the doctor said we could try Wednesday.

Wednesday we packed up, got in the car, and drove down to Spanish Fork (where it was very lightly snowing). Spanish Fork is where you head east and start going over the mountains. The snow got heavier and heavier as we went higher and just as we passed the summit we got stuck behind a line of cars we couldn't see the beginning of. We found out there had been an accident and it would take at least an hour to clear. By then it was 6:30 pm and if we went around the long way we wouldn't get there until 10 pm or so. So we drove home.

We finally left the Sunday after Easter, when the weather was perfect and so was the drive. We just took the kids out of school on Monday. It worked out great.

I'll put the pictures in another post or two.

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