29 April 2009

Moab photos

Right when we got to the hotel we went swimming. Everyone loved it and even Luke was jumping off the side. Then we had a lovely (not really) dinner at Denny's.
Everyone was so excited to sleep in the hotel but no one wanted to share a bed. Jack told me before we even got there that he'd rather sleep on the floor than sleep in a bed with Sam and Charlie (but there was a couch there so he slept on that). Charlie claimed this chair (apparently he didn't want to sleep with Sam either.)

Here is Sam, happy to have the entire queen bed to himself.

We found another chair to put next to Charlie's so that he wouldn't really have to sleep in just one chair. (We also tried to persuade him to sleep in the bed with Sam, but he wasn't having any of it.)
Here's everyone ready to go hiking in a pair of Dan's old, broken glasses.

Jack wouldn't put on the glasses and didn't want to be photographed either.

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