28 May 2009

building a fence and other business

We've lived in our house for almost 5 years now and we're finally getting around to building a fence. (It's not that we've been lazy, there was just a lot of prep work.) So this week Dan took off Tuesday (in addition to Monday) and we started building. It's been a lot of work. But we have 8 posts in! That's between 1/3 and 1/4 of what we need. It may take a while . . .

Also last weekend I went on a trip with my sisters and mom to Seattle. I LOVE Seattle! I would move there in a minute if Dan's job wanted us to.

Also for the past few weeks I've been getting ready for a jewelry show. It's tomorrow. That's another reason I've been a little neglectful of the blog.

I also forgot to blog about when the kids met their new uncle Travis. They haven't stopped talking about him and ask daily when he's coming over again.

Pictures of everything coming soon!

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emily said...

Hey, how did the show go?