14 May 2009


The other night we went to see Keane play. It was so great. I wondered why we don't go to more concerts.

So they came out on stage with TONS of energy. Tim Rice-Oxley (the pianist) was dancing the whole time while playing the piano. He was playing crazier than Chris Martin (Coldplay). I don't really even know how he can play like that. I put a video down there at the bottom, but he was moving way more at the show we went to.

Tom Chaplin (lead singer) sounded great the whole time. He kept talking to the crowd (Dan kept saying how polite he was.) He was also so grateful that we kept cheering. It was cool. My friend was way closer to the front than we were and she got these photos.

Helio Sequence and Mat Kearney opened for Keane. I wasn't sure I'd like Mat Kearney, but both bands were great. The only complaint I have is that this little itty bitty girl and her boyfriend kept making out in the row in front of me. I felt like puking several times. On her. Other than that it was a great show.

This is my favorite Keane song, but they didn't play it this time.

She Has No Time

Everybody's Changing (from another tour)

Try Again (they played this one. Love it.)


Marianne & Clayton said...

Oh ache! The only sad part about having a two month old is that I am sadly waaaay too out of the loop. I loved their show last time they came and swore I wouldn't miss them if they came back. Whoops. Thanks for posting the videos. Fun stuff.

Andy said...

They look like they'd be a fun band to go see! The piano guy was dancing a lot in "Everybody's Changing"...I'm jealous...