11 July 2009

Summer Art Projects

I always have a few great ideas for summer. This summer I thought I'd do an art project every week. Dan and I came up with a few good ones and then I was going to search the craft blogs. (which I have not yet done.)

This week (the kids have been home for over a month) we did this one.

The assignment:

Choose an animal that makes a good sillhouette. We used tracing paper and Ranger Rick magazines to find some good animal shapes. Some worked, some didn't. We spent quite a few days on this to find just the right image. (Jack was set on a sea turtle so we found one on google images.)

Trace the shapes onto freezer paper. Jack traced his own, I retraced Sam's original tracing and then did it on freezer paper, and I just did the whole thing for Charlie (except finding the fish he wanted).

Choose a color for the shirt and the paint. We did this a few weeks back when we were at Old Navy. I also already had a few colors of fabric paint the kids could choose from. I got it at Michael's. I'm sure you can get it at most craft stores. You're looking for something in a bottle or tube (but not puffy paint).

After that we just followed the tutorial. Pretty easy (especially if it's really just the sillhouette).

Now I'm thinking of all types of projects using this technique: throw pillows, more tee shirts, framed pictures.

What great things are you doing this summer?


Amanda said...

My friend did this with her kids and they did their names on the shirts as well (they have kind of unusual names, so that was pretty cool). I haven't gotten up the courage to attempt this project yet, but i'm inching ever closer.

katie said...

Those are cute. I was just looking at all the cool shirts on etsy and yours look like those.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Oh my gosh! I just bought all the supplies to do this a few weeks ago. Still haven't done it, but now I am so stoked to get going. I told you your blog is inspirational!

emily said...

Would this be doable at the family reunion?!? if we all got silhouettes ready before we came and brought some extras?

Ariel said...

girl, you are full of fabulous ideas. I'm adding your blog to my list right now;)