08 October 2009

just so you know

I wasn't trying to toot my own horn or anything yesterday. I thought I did a lot of stuff too, but not supermom stuff.

Just so you know
today I played around on the computer until noon,
baked that bread (which didn't quite turn out, but was good enough to eat),
took a shower,
got on the computer some more,
tried to figure out something to sew,
took a shower,
did a few dishes,
turned off the computer,
watched the Music Man (you need to watch it - I need to buy it),
had some dinner (something already made again - thank you Dan),
had a dance party (in which Luke danced in slow motion to a slow song - very entertaining)

How was that - was that better? Usually when I have a very productive day or two, I have some chill days for at least twice as long. What do you guys do in a day? I bet if you listed it out - it would seem like more than you thought. Just saying.

Also - the reason I'm on this bread kick is to try and save some money. (I figured I can save $40 a month making my own wheat bread). But I'm a terrible bread baker. I never know quite how much flour to add when it gives you an ambiguous amount and I'm always messing up the yeast. Any tips on good bread? I know some of you out there are great bread bakers. Any great recipes or tips would be very much appreciated :)

And just for the photo (and to tell you how nice people are) my neighbor brought me these the other day. My favorite treat - homemade marshmallows dipped in chocolate (and these ones also have toasted coconut on them). YUM. The neighbor who brought them just found out her mom has breast cancer. What a lovely neighbor. I had the last one today. Maybe I should forget the bread and figure out how to make these . . .


Crystal said...

It is okay to toot your own horn if you want to! ;) It is your blog.
You are amazing in all you do, you like to do things and that is great. You shouldn't ever feel bad about that.
As far as bread goes- I have a good whole wheat bread recipe and a few tips I have learned from bread baking people if you ever want to hear them.
So glad you are feeling a little better.

carrie said...

I have a bread maker which I didn't use for years. Then I decided to try one day- just for the dough part. And it is now my best friend. I make my own wheat bread, pizza dough, and challah bread. I do the dough in my machine and let it do all the kneading and stuff. It always turns out. My favorite wheat bread recipe is on the King Arthur website.

for the flour I add 3 1/4 cups. And the vital wheat gluten makes a big difference.

Linnea said...

I know all about the one day forward three days back routine...it seems to be my motto.

Anyways...bread...the Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day or less book is fantastic. I use it to make all of my breads. But even better than that, they are coming out with a "healthy bread in 5 minutes a day or less". I think it should have some really good recipes. My friend has an awesome book that she uses too...I'll be sure to get the name for you.