07 October 2009

feeling more like a normal person

(these photos are just because I haven't posted many lately)

Today I woke up determined to be normal. Not tired. More like the old me.

So I got up,

made my bed,

took the kids to school,

emptied the dishwasher and filled it again,

started making whole wheat bread,

started another batch of bread (in which I killed the yeast with too hot of water),

cleaned Jack and Sam's room (as a favor to them - I always make them clean it, but it was REALLY bad and smelled like pee AND poop. ewwww,

sorted the laundry,

washed 2 loads of laundry,

waited until noon to check the computer,

baked first 2 loaves of bread (which turned out),

baked next 2 loaves of bread (which didn't turn out - maybe I can use them for bread crumbs for the next 2 years?),

started another kind of bread (Italian country bread - which I will bake tomorrow and eat as bruschetta - with the last of my lovely garden tomatoes),

finished a book I've been reading (The Lightning Theif - Jack just read it),

had a ban on video games and computer games,

took a shower (finally!),

emptied dishwasher and filled it up again,

warmed up dinner (thank goodness for all those freezer dinners in my freezer!),

read with Sam,

helped Jack do his homework,
read Charlie a book before bed,

got everyone in bed,

made a few more fabric hex flowers,

and now I am going to bed.

I also watched Nie on Oprah for a few minutes and I felt somewhat chastised. I've been making a big deal about my scar and trying to cover it up. I could be a little braver about that.


angela said...

I don't know about normal - sounds like super woman to me! All that bread baking must have made your house smell wonderful!

Meg & Josh said...

Seriously, you baked your own bread? Like it didn't come in a package from Smith's? :)

Way to go! You got more accomplished in one day than I do in an entire week!

Glad you are feeling better. Let me know if I can watch the boys again sometime.

Doug & Stef said...

We could all be better but it sounds to me like you are being amazing! What a day!

sara said...

Um yeah, I was going to say the same thing as the others... that doesn't sound very "normal" to me but actually an over-productive day :) I'm so glad you were able to feel well enough to do all of that! And I am really in the mood to bake some bread myself too now...

You're just awesome Leighleigh.

ang said...

GOOD day! i got tired just reading it.