21 October 2009

what's up

Many people have asked me lately what is going on with my treatment. I still haven't seen my new doctor yet, so I don't really have any news. But I do see him next week, so I hope I'll know more then. When I do - I'll let you know here.

It is turning all yellow and orange outside! (My favorite colors). I love it. But I'm really mad at the city tree guys who "trimmed" my maple in front. I used to look out my windows and see my lovely tree, but now all I see is the neighbor's junipers (I hate junipers). Sad.

Luke has been interested in wearing underwear lately. His little legs are adorable and I always want to pinch them when I see them. We aren't potty training full fledged yet, I thought I'd wait until after all the cancer crap is over with. Usually he just wears the underwear over his diaper. I'll make sure to get a photo for you.

I have to make 3 cakes this week for 2 different events. I'll share the recipe and a photo just as soon as I can.

What are you all up to?

p.s. thanks for all the lovely comments on my quilt and my tree skirt :)

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Don't let Sam Elmer see those legs, He wouldn't be able to resist juicing them.