16 December 2009


This (a video) is why I watch So You Think You Can Dance. We have watched this 25 times already and it's still not getting old. My favorites are the robot guy at the beginning and the hand spinning guy at the end. So cool! Makes me wish I could dance. And I love the version of Yellow too. Watch it. (Sorry - I couldn't embed it on here.)


Peruchos said...

That is my FAVORITE show! My kids watch it with me and they'll dance with the music. That video is so awesome! They are great dancers! I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes that show...:)

tasha said...

really awesome....my boys loved it too!

sara said...

I just barely finally watched this and wow, that is so amazing. At times they don't look human... such controlled movements they look more like robots. Or cyborgs. Seriously amazing.