08 January 2010

bag inspiration

So I want to make a church bag. I also recently figured out how to make mosaics - so I thought I'd make myself one to figure out how to make my bag. I like some element of each of these bags. Mine will be made of some denim (because I already have it and because I want something dark that won't show too much dirt). Mine will also have to be large enough to hold all the church stuff (much larger than some of these). Which ones do you like?

All bags were found on etsy. From top left to bottom right: 1. The chotto tote /messenger in dark olive 2. MULTI COLOR LARGE PLEATED BAG 3. Meredith in grey with adjustable strap 4. Modular Messenger in Grey --with adjustable strap-- 5. New colletion - Juliet tote - sahara brown with genuien leather strap 6. Kattie in Heather Bailey 7. The Letter Bag - in rosewood 8. MIMOSA Chic Diaper bag.....Grey Leaves in Yellow - w/Adjustable Strap...READY TO SHIP 9. Red Pleated Shoulder Bag with Black Buttons

p.s. I made my mosaic here.


Ashley said...

Those are sooo cute! I love the top middle one, the one under it (the one in the very center), and the bottom right one. You'll have to put a picture of yours up once it's made!

Katie said...

I like the one in the center, the one below it, and the one in the bottom left corner. My favorite is the yellow. Whatever you make will be great though because you always make great stuff.

carrie said...

i like the gray modular messenger the best. they are all nice though

Jamie said...

the pink one on the bottom row is my favorite

Jan said...

I think I like #2 the most. Incidentally I found a tutorial for a similar looking bag here:


This is one of my new favorite websites :)