07 January 2010

A look at 2009 and on to 2010

Lots of the blogs I read had posts about what people did in 2009. While I thought it would look really cool to do a mosaic (1 photo from each month) and a mosaic of all my projects completed, it seemed like too much work. So I skimmed through the last year of the blog and was amazed at all I completed. Many more sewing projects than I remembered. And if I actually kept track of the house projects I would also feel pretty great! I got a lot done in 2009!

So - we'll look at the old goal list and see how I did. In this post I listed things I didn't get done in 2008 and more things I wanted to get done in 2009. (You can click on it to see what I got done.) And with that - here are the new lists:

House stuff:

1. organize basement
2. paint hallway
3. paint stairs
4. paint stairwell walls
5. paint my closet door
6. clean door hardware
7. install my closet door
8. paint basement started
9. light fixture in stairwell (etch and install)

Quilts already started:

1. My bed quilt (borders, quilt, bind)
2. Wildwood coin quilt (top, quilt, bind)
3. wonky star bike quilt (quilt, bind)
4. pink squares (quilt, bind)
5. table runner (quilt, bind)
6. purple/yellow 9 patch (borders, quilt, bind)
7. Katie Jump Rope 9 patch (top, quilt, bind)

Other quilts I'd like to make:

1. HR dogs for Luke (sashing, back, quilt, bind)
2. Jack stripes
3. Hello Betty started
4. Pinwheel like this
5. Yellow/orange string quilt (or zig zag quilt)
6. munki quilt
7. Flea Market Fancy quilt
8. church bag (not really a quilt, but I didn't want to start another list.)

The Family Goal:

This year Dan and I decided that we're not always that nice. Sometimes we're just a couple of jerks. So we thought maybe we could help ourselves out with the yearly theme BE NICE. The theme morphed into BE A LITTLE NICER. I'm going to make a nice looking sign for it and hang it on the door for all to remember. This is the first time we've had a theme for the year.

We also made a goal to sit down and eat dinner together every night. It is difficult in our house because our kitchen is too small for the whole family. The kids usually sit in there and then Dan and I eat wherever. Dan usually eats in front of the TV. I usually eat in front of the computer. Not so much of a bonding experience. Eating together every night means that the dining table (which usually looks worse than this) needs to be cleared off every night! Should be good for everyone. Last night was our first night and it went pretty well!

I need to set some spiritual goals for myself too. But I'm not going to blog about them.

And if you read this entire post - here's a photo as a reward. Thanks!

(Dreaming of warmer, greener, more flowery days.)


Pants said...

I think I should come for a visit and we do items 2-9 on the house stuff list together!!!

Happy 2010, we loved the xmas cards, and also, you guys, are NOT jerks, a little snark is healthy. ;-)

sara said...

Great list; it will be fun to see pictures of your projects as you complete them! You're awesome Leigh. I think being nicer is a good goal for anyone; particularly with family members... I think we all end up taking our household members for granted at times and don't treat them as nicely as we should.

Marianne & Clayton said...

I adore your lists! Seriously. And you can expect an actual card in the mail in a week or so, but until then, THANK YOU for the adorable coat. You are so thoughtful and sweet. We wish we had time in Utah to find an evening to go see you guys, but we suck. It will probably have to be a non-holiday visit to happen. Till then, thanks for your awesome blog.

emily said...

how cute to have a photo reward. also, i like how you changed Nice to a little nicer. being nice is WAY too daunting but nicer? that seems doable. I love that you have a family goal for the year though. neat neat neat

Stephanie said...

Be a little nicer beats this Elmer family's theme of "We don't take nothin' from nobody." Check out Judy's facebook to see our t-shirts. I assume you are on facebook.