14 January 2010

Henrietta's new cousin

A few months ago when I saw this pattern I knew I HAD to have it. I don't usually make stuffed animals, but is this turtle the cutest thing you've ever seen? (The turtle on the front is named Henrietta and her friends are Edna, Harriet, Penelope, Eloise, and Gladys.)

So I got the pattern for Christmas (thanks Anabel) and made a little friend yesterday. Her name is Hildegaard (Hildie for short). I think she turned out so cute (even though I did not include the little flower corsage). And the instructions were excellent. Now all the boys want one too. Here she is with Luke's chubby finger to show you her size.

p.s. that fabric in the background came from JoAnn! What a shocker. It also came in a lovely green color. So I bought a bunch. Because what I need is more fabric.


Kristine Hanson said...

like your choice in fabrics, fun way to use a little bit of the FMF!

angela said...

Awesome fabric for your turtle! And I love that in the background, too. I also need more fabric, I'll have to run over to JoAnns ;)

tasha said...

hilde is to die for! i think all my boys would want one too!

Jeni said...

Oh my! This little guy is SO cute! Love the fabrics you choose too! :D