27 January 2010

this guy

Calls himself Wukie (sometimes we change it to wookie). But we don't really call him Lukie, just Luke.

Sang me Happy Birthday today (though it is not my birthday, it was recently).

Likes to suck on the little round cap that covers the screws that keep the toilet secured to the floor (gross).

Is almost finished with naps (sigh).

Is very polite and usually says thank you when you do something nice for him.

Makes so many messes I cannot keep up.

Loves his dad.

Asks for his sherperman (superman cape) as soon as he wakes up, even talks about it sometimes in his sleep.

Sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (sort of).


andy said...

Haha Luke is a funny kid, I love that picture!

Ashley said...

Cute kid!! And it's so amazing how your kids love vegetables! How do you do it!? :)

katie said...

I especially like that he talks about his cape in his sleep.

Nicole said...

What a sweet kid. I love when kids "sing" especially when they are not promted.

Summer Wilson said...

I promise I'm not as flaky as I seem. We really had good intentions on coming over this week. One of my babies either needed a nap or was taking a nap. Maybe next week if the invitation is still open. Hope you don't mind be blog snooping, I love looking at all your adorable crafts.

Jamie said...

Oh that Wuke is so funny. Who doesn't love the kid--he's just plain loveable