02 February 2010


I have been feeling so blah on and off for the last month or so. Maybe it's just from everything being grey and cold, but I'm getting sick of it.

I'm always telling the boys that they were not put on this earth to spend all their time playing video games and watching TV. But sometimes I sit here wondering what is the best thing I could be doing with my time. I don't spend much time on TV (though I do spend lots of time on the computer). I spend much of my time making things in an effort to do something that makes me happy. But it sometimes backfires and doesn't make me happy at all. Of course, I also spend my time keeping house, hanging out with the hubs, playing with the kids (chess and scrabble junior lately). But I feel like I am missing something entirely that could make me happier. Is it exercise? Studying? Dusting off a former talent (like drawing or playing piano)? Laughing more? Spending more time with friends? What is it?

Maybe I need to get outside, maybe that's the problem. Or maybe it just needs to warm up.

Because of the blah I really have nothing to show you. Yesterday I got everyone in the car to take the kids to school only to find that my battery was dead. I got it jumped fairly quickly and then spent a while driving around.

Later on I was off to meet a friend for lunch (with kids) when I ran into a curb trying to do a U turn and punctured my tire. It was only 7 blocks to the tire place so I drove there. It took about 10 minutes because I had to go so slow. It turns out that if you have 4 wheel drive you can't just replace one tire because it messes up the gears. So I had to buy all 4 tires. Awesome. Luckily my lunch friend came to get me and we still went to lunch (and the kids were perfect).

When I got home I thought I'd do some sewing. So I started on the church bag I've been wanting to make. I used a pattern and tried to change it a bit. It turned out awful. Too long, not wide enough. I don't even think I can reuse the fabric for the bag. I'll have to start all over. So after that I just read blogs all night until bed time. In a bad mood.

When I woke up this morning I wondered what I should do today. Here's what I came up with.

1. Try to get outside (even if it's just down the block and back).

2. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits (instead of cookies and junk, which always make me feel worse.)

3. Sewing? Not sure. I kind of only want to do something familiar that won't get me frustrated.

4. Reading? Maybe.

5. Already did the dishes. That's good.

6. Read with Sam (who is home sick).

7. Do something with Charlie and Luke

8. Scripture study.

Maybe those things combined will make me feel a little happier. Maybe you have a good suggestion. If so - leave me a comment - I'd love some more ideas.

p.s. How could I be feeling blah when I get to be married to this guy? Partly because he's out of town and I miss him. But certainly happy he's coming back soon and that he has a job.


sara said...

I've been a little blah myself lately but I'm glad you were around yesterday when I called you! It's always great to talk to you Leighleigh. Give me a call anytime you're feeling blah.

Today I have to work on our taxes... woo hoo! So there's an idea for you...

josieposie said...

10 more days. 10 more days. 10 more days!

emily and logan said...

exercise always puts me in a better mood. i hate doing it, but i feel wonderful afterward.

Mel said...

I feel the same exact way lately so you are not alone! You do way more than I ever do so for that you should be proud. You know it's bad when your husband refers to women that are so talented to a Leigh H. So you are amazing. Have a great day!

JeolsliesMomma said...

I have the winter blahs as well, big time! I'm sick of all the snow and cold and not getting my daily sunshine. I also have a million things I want to do but never have time; drawing, painting (havent done either in 4 years!) knitting, sewing, and I got a new airbrush for christmas, I haven't had a chance to fire it up once yet. *sigh*....