22 April 2010


I used to think I'd run a wedding flower business from my house. So far it hasn't really happened (although I did get an offer on a wedding a few weeks ago - I turned it down). But I have done several siblings' wedding flowers. And this weekend I get to do Katie's bouquet and her fiance's boutonniere (and that's it!) I'll be sure to show you the final results.

frog eyes waiting for the big day (they're a not quite as bright as I'd hoped)

These guys are waiting for the fridge

These lovelies are going to hang out by the window so that some of them will open up.

A few of the clippings in little bottle vases. So pretty in the kitchen window.

And I had to get some for me! Hopefully these stay alive for at least a week.

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Kristine Hanson said...

lovely!! send some up my way!