03 May 2010

Spring Break Part 2

Going to Pasadena.

I have been wanting to see the Gamble House since I saw its famous front door in a magazine (maybe 15 years ago or something.) And Dan's been going to Pasadena lately for business so he'd seen its very cool City Hall. While we waited for our tour to begin at the Gamble House we checked out the City Hall.

Charlie was heavily bribed in these photos. The boys mostly spent their time there trying to catch a squirrel. Luckily, we only saw 2 other people there, so I don't think they were too annoying.

When we got to the Gamble House we had to wait a little longer. I told the boys to go look in the clover to see if they could find a 4 leaf clover. Then Dan sweetened the deal saying that he'd pay $1 for every 4 leaf clover. After 30 minutes of searching (and several fraudulent 4 leaf clovers) we were about to head into the house for the tour when Charlie found one! Not a great photo, but he did get a dollar.

The front door looked much prettier from the inside, but I couldn't take photos inside. The tour was over an hour and it was so great! I'd do it again (maybe without kids next time).

Waiting before the tour again. I don't think we should have sat on this bench, but oh well. Not exactly sure what Charlie and Luke are doing here. There was also a little fish pond right next to this that the boys really liked.


Marianne & Clayton said...

That door is incredible! Ok, you can build, you can do stained glass, what are you waiting for? What a fun tour and a fun trip. Your boys are adorable. I think I love the picture at the observatory best, where Charlie is opting out. Too funny!

carrie said...

love the last picture. luke and charlie look awesome.

Tabitha said...

All of your cute little men and one big man!!! Love it!

Riley Noehren said...

Oh, I love Old Town Pasadena. Had I known you were going, I would have recommended one of my favorite Thai restaurants, Saladang. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

ang said...

ha ha i love the fraudulent four-leaf clovers!!!!