03 May 2010

Spring Break Part 3

We planned a little too much on our last day. We were going to spend the morning at Venice Beach, check out the surfers and the skaters, then head on over to Malibu and see the tide pools (and more surfers). We got to the beach and no one even cared about the surfers. They didn't care about the skaters. All they wanted to do was play in the water. When it was time to go get some lunch and head over to Malibu, no one wanted to leave!

I'm not sure if they ever built anything but Sam and Luke dilligently collected and packed sand into this bucket.

Luke liked this little lady bug who came to visit him for a few minutes.

I could not pass up taking this shot of Charlie. There were several industrial garage doors on the beach with numbers. I didn't see any of the other kids ages, though.

This is pretty much what Jack did the whole time.

I did not have bribe Charlie for this smile.

Charlie mostly spent his time collecting rocks from the waves. He also made a friend named Zeus. He had black skin (Charlie's words.)

We also:

went to dinner with Eric and Jos one night
went to Knott's Berry Farm one day (and got Pink's hot dogs)
went swimming in Laura's swimming pool (it was very important to the boys that we did this, but it was freezing!)
drove the Sunset strip from Hollywood to Brentwood (going through Beverly Hills and Bel Air)
played tons of Wii (the only gaming system we don't have.)
and I guess that was about it
I already want to go back!

Also - While we were packing, getting ready to go on the trip Charlie said: THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!
When I told him we were going home the next day he cried.

Every morning Luke woke up he said: I wan doe beach (I want to go to the beach.)

On our way back home he said: I doen wan doe home, I wan doe Wara's beach. (I don't want to go home, I want to go to Laura's beach).

Sammy won the award for most willing to take photos and smile.

And Jack had a million questions for Laura about her video games. I'm telling you, he would never stop playing if I would let him.


sara said...

Looks like a fun trip! If it weren't so darn expensive to live in Southern California, I'd probably want to live there. We just love the beach.

Dukes said...

So fun! What funny boys you have :)

BTW Jack is getting so tall!

Riley Noehren said...

All my old hoods. Some I miss, others, not so much. I'm sad that it sounds like you never got over to the Garment District, but it wouldn't have been the best environment for the kids.

ang said...

sounds like so much fun! and you got some great pictures!!