29 June 2010

a zig zag quilt

First of all - thanks for all your well wishes for baby boy #5. We are excited for his arrival and to see what he'll look like!

And also - thank you for the potty training advice. I'm debating whether to start now or to wait until Luke is 3. I can imagine he'll want to do it right when the baby arrives.

I have been wanting to make a zig zag quilt ever since I saw this one. I also had to have that fish fabric when I saw the same quilt and now it can't be found (unless you're willing to pay an arm and a leg or unless you have something good to swap.) Lucky I got it when it was affordable.

And here is the back. I guess I went a little overboard when collecting my yellows and oranges. I probably have enough to make another twin sized quilt. And in case you're wondering - this quilt is staying with me. Orange is my favorite color and orange and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations.


Kristine Hanson said...

lovely!! in the picture of the fish up close....what is that pretty orange/yellow floral...love it

tasha said...

so amazing! i am impressed!! i love the back too. :)

emily said...

awesome! I remember when I got an orange quilt.

sara said...

I'm so happy to see:
a) that you're keeping it
b) that you're using so many pretty patterned fabrics (because one time you told me that you prefer using solids and creating the design with piecing)

Very lovely!

Jandi said...

Nice! The back is just as pretty as the front!

Stephanie said...

Unbelieveable. Did you use a pattern, or did you just figure it out. I love it and I love the back.

Jamie said...

that turned out so well