21 July 2010

where have I been?

Thanks for asking. I've mostly been here, watching The Tour. Anyone else out there watching Le Tour de France? Go Andy! Andy Schleck is in the photo below (left) with his brother Frank (who crashed at the beginning of this tour and broke his collar bone pretty badly). Right now Alberto Contador is in the yellow jersey and I'm hoping Andy can get it back in the next few days. Only 4 more stages to go!

Also - my mom and dad took my 3 oldest kids for 10 days, so I was working on house projects. No time for blogging.

And then - we went to pick the kids up and spent a week in Spokane. We went to the lake and I met up with a few friends for lunch.

Hopefully I'll get around to blogging at least some of it!


sara said...

I am completely out of it as far as The Tour is concerned. I read an article about Armstrong being out, but when you posted that status on facebook about Contador I had to look him up to see what you were talking about :)

Glad all is well! Sounds like Spokane was fun! We're going to Utah next week but not 100% sure of our plans. When do your kids start school? Wait a minute, this is turning out too much like an email. Give me a call sometime!

Jandi said...

Sounds like you're having a fun summer! I have to work tomorrow so I won't be able to make it to the guild meeting. Are you going?

tasha said...

i'd love to see what the house projects!

i get to visit spokane in a few weeks! :) did you know that farm chicks is opening a store there? i was hoping it was opening soon!