28 July 2010

Priest Lake: The Water

I did mention that we went up to Spokane and spent a few short days at the lake - didn't I? Well, we did. It rained the first day, so we stayed in a friend's cabin (with sweet 1960s decor) and played games and watched stupid movies on tape. Finally on the day we were leaving we got a nice sunny day.

This lake is cold anyway, but when it's cloudy and rainy, it's even colder, so I didn't even get in the water. Dan braved it for about an hour on the sunniest day. The cold didn't deter the boys. They just stayed in the water shivering and vowing never to get out.

Is it gorgeous or what? I love the Northwest.

Charlie is notorious for not wanting to cooperate for pictures, but when Dan said he wanted to take a picture of he and I, Charlie was right in there. Nice.

We found a little birds' nest. We couldn't see how many babies were in there until I got this photo. But I think the boys saw them chirping for their food.

Luckily we only brought one 12 pack of root beer, otherwise Luke would have done nothing else but drink it.


Doug & Stef said...

OH my gosh - I love that first picture of little Luke!! He looks like a surfing stud haha. We get Weston the little shasta rootbeers that are half the size. He is allowed one a day and has to drink milk the rest of the day ha!

Marianne & Clayton said...

This is the first preggers shot I've seen, you look amazing! Cute shots of the boys, I can't wait to see which one he will most look like.

Jan said...

Awww - You look so good, Leigh!! How exciting!! I haven't "seen" you since you announced you were expecting. I take that back - I saw you at Lee's shower but you were driving and so I didn't get the full effect :)

Also, can I tell you how much I love that picture of Luke? Those chubby little cheeks and itty bitty rolls, hahaha.

emily and logan said...

you and dan both look so great!!

Groshon said...

Priest Lake is so pretty! we were there over the 4th and only got partially good weather... it's been a slow start to summer!
P.S. you look so cute pregnant! and I LOVE your zig-zag quilt :)


Annie said...

1. Your boys are adorable and hilarious. 2. You and Dan look soooo good! What a cute pregnant lady you are!