27 July 2010

a good day

The other day Jack asked if he could look in my jewelry box. It's a pretty cool box Dan got me for Christmas a few years ago and it's got lots of compartments and cool drawers. Everyone was soon interested and trying things on.

After that (which lasted around an hour) they all wanted to make their own jewelry. So we got out the craft box and went to work. Charlie has worn his bracelet and necklace since he made it, even to bed.

This is the kind of summer day I've been dreaming of. Getting creative with everyone, everyone getting along nicely. Hopefully we get at least one more day like that this summer. (I have not been feeling so wonderful and have been mostly reading and laying around). Anyone have any suggestions for easy crafts with kids? What fun things have you been doing this summer?


Kristine Hanson said...

you have the cutest boys ever....at my house yesterday Emily put makeup on Jack for the first time...she did a pretty good job, LOL!

emily and logan said...

that last picture can be used for future blackmail for sure.