06 August 2010

family photos in Spokane

So my sister Katie has been studying photography for a few years at college. And while we were in Spokane I asked her to take some photos of us. This is on my parents' property. Isn't it beautiful? But there were several problems:

1. When we took the photos, it was bedtime for the kids. And they were exhausted.

2. I didn't realize that my hair is the same color as the rye in the background. (It is rye, right Mom?)

3. It is apparently impossible for 4 kids and 2 adults to all smile at the same time AND at the camera AND look normal. Impossible!

4. I was also not super happy to be taking family photos while pregnant, but that didn't turn out as horribly as I thought.

5. I'm never sure what outfits to wear. I never want to look too matchy but I don't want someone standing out in orange, either. I didn't like how these outfits looked too matchy.

Therefore, here are the photos I've decided to show you. (And thanks anyway, Katie, for trying it.)

Not a horrible photo, and less than half the people looking at the camera.

At least we looked like we were all having fun in this one.

This one would maybe have been great if it didn't look like Sam was nearly grabbing my boobs and if I could have tucked my chin a bit. (Something photographers have been telling me since elementary school - why don't I remember?)

Charlie was pouting for the entire first pose of photos. He kept trying to direct us all on where to stand. So I let him direct us in this pose. He was adamant that he and Dan stand together because they matched. And that Luke stand by me because we matched. He was the happiest in these photos (because he set them up.)

I like this of me and Dan.

Yes - we are horrible parents. Jack started crying hysterically all of a sudden and we were laughing at him. (Because the reason he was claiming seemed funny, I guess). Still. Mean. (There was an entire series of photos of us all trying to calm Jack down - which didn't take long at all. And he was fine.)

The boys here making goofy faces. This series could have lasted all night. Dan was already done at this point and waiting for us in the car.


emily and logan said...

i love these!! i don't know what you're talking about...

sara said...

I think you guys look great. We have GOT to do this sometime.

Kristine Hanson said...

these are priceless!!

Mel said...

Seriously this is one of the funniest posts I have read! I loved your commentary for each picture! SO CLASSIC!!! You look fantastic in all the pictures. I would never even dare to take family photos while pregnant and you look absolutely beautiful! You make a great pregnant girl! Thanks for making me laugh on this post!

Marianne & Clayton said...

These are awesome. I think that getting a family picture is harder than trying to go to the Temple. Seriously, good work.

Oh, and I am loving your hair right now! So pretty!

emily said...

so, why was jack crying hysterically? that doesn't sound like him.