09 August 2010

Other July Stuff

I think I forgot to tell you that Andy (my little brother) and Ashley (his cute wife) and their baby girl Callie came to visit us over the 4th of July weekend. The older 3 boys were already at my mom's house. (And when they found out that they missed Andy's family - they were kind of mad at me).

Luke loved Callie. He keeps telling me how there's a baby in his belly and her name is Callie. He will be such a cute big brother.

I grew some hollyhocks from seed. I actually picked the seeds off some plants at my local quilt store. If anyone wants any seeds, let me know and I'll collect some and send them. These ones were about 9 feet tall! The ones I've seen around town are between 2 and 6 feet tall.

I am working on a quilt for baby #5. I started another quilt for him, which I don't love, and I'm not sure what to do with. But I'm liking this one a lot. These are the fabrics.


Me? A Mom? said...

that is one yummy stack of fabrics! blue pez! gray elephants!

Erin said...

I want to know which quilt store has hollyhocks like that! I'd go collect some seeds, too! I had no idea they grew from seed so easily and beautifully!
Gorgeous quilt picks, too. :]

sewkatiedid said...

Oh I love the elephants!