27 September 2010

birthday boys

Since Sam's birthday is first, I'll start with him. This year we had a low key birthday, just with our little family (although Aunt Emily was visiting during Sam's).

Here are Sam's picks for his birthday:

Breakfast: Trix
Lunch: Fajitas
Dinner: Tacquitos
Cake: panda
Present from Mom and Dad: skateboard

This panda image was from one I got online. I think I found it on etsy and then just blew it up. Then I traced it onto parchment paper and tried to transfer it onto the cake. It didn't work really well and the frosting was really sticky for some reason. But I was able to freehand the lines enough that it ended up turning out perfectly.

The outline is one of those tubes of black frosting from the grocery store and the sprinkles are black sugar from Michael's, which I set in with a spoon. It was tricky. I'm sure it would have made things easier if I'd known what I was doing.

And 8 days later it was Charlie's birthday. Same low-key-just-hang-out-with-the-fam-kind-of-a-day. We may have gone to the toystore because some people had money burning a hole in their pockets.

Here are Charlie's picks:

Breakfast: Cookie Crisp cereal
Lunch: McDonald's
Dinner: Pasta with red meat sauce, but not spaghetti
Cake: Monkey
Present from Mom and Dad: skateboard

This cake was one I saw a long time ago in Martha Stewart Kids or Baby. It's actually supposed to look like this with a recipe for a banana cake. The bowl I used wasn't the right shape, and I had used a cake mix, so maybe it wasn't the right amount, but it didn't turn out the right shape or size. Dan came to the rescue with the suggestion to just put the face on top and it worked out great. Charlie had actually asked for a lion or shark cake, but when I showed him this one, he liked it just as well. He's easy like that.

Also - Charlie insisted on the 6 candle and an 8 one for Sam's. I never would have bought them if he hadn't. See what a nice mom I am.

Since the birthdays there has been lots of skateboarding and everyone is dying to try out their new stunts at the skate park.


Kristine Hanson said...

I think both cakes are great, you should see the ones I have done for my kids, yours are WAY better! Good job mom!

Katie said...

I like your cake better than Martha's.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Now both of them can really get into Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Sorry, we love that show. It's probably not little boy appropriate.

I love the cakes! They turned out awesome.

sara said...

Black sprinkles is such a good idea; if that had been all black frosting it could've been icky. Nice job on both :) It's nice having low-key birthdays. Do you guys do every-other-year with friend parties? My kids can have a friend party on their even years... although we usually get together with the cousins on the odd years so I guess that makes it a party too. I'm enjoying your updates!