22 September 2010

And a few other things . . .

Jack also started playing the cello at school. I think it's my favorite instrument. He has been so excited and practicing every day!

And my garden is winding down. This year I planted a bunch of tomatoes, a zucchini, a yellow crookneck squash, and a watermelon. I've had so much squash I don't know what to do with it all. I'm happy to have gardenless friends who will take it off my hands. None of the watermelon ripened right, maybe I'll try a smaller kind next time. The tomatoes have been great. Aren't they beautiful?


Doug & Stef said...

Yay Jack! That is awesome - we can do a duet :) I play the viola and violin. That is so cool!

sara said...

Welcome home!

Yay for Jack's cello! Noah's on his 3rd year of cello (just school orchestra; no private lessons yet) and they have a new, stricter orchestra teacher and he's decided he hates it now. I really want him to get good though, because cello is one of my favorites too.

Looking forward to more posts!