22 September 2010

lots to tell you

I've been absent because it's been busy around here!

We had family visit last weekend because little Sam got baptized. I cannot believe he is 8!

Before that we had Charlie's and Sam's birthdays.

And I just got back from San Diego with Dan. He had a conference and I got to go with him.

Plus - I only have 8 weeks left! It finally seems to be ending. And I'm pretty sure that I can not do this again. Be pregnant. I'm also pretty sure I do not have patience for more than 5 kids.

Posts to follow!


josieposie said...

Blogs are sometimes a catch 22... you want to blog about things that are interesting in your life, but in doing so your friends may read that you were within 45 miles of their house and did not get a phone call. Sad face.

Peruchos said...

Oh my gosh! That went fast! I can't believe he's coming! Good luck and let me know if you need anything!