13 October 2010

and - I need your help again

Because we still don't have a name for the baby. I've got a long list of 1 syllable names, and nothing to go with them. So if you would be so lovely as to leave your list of favorite 2 or 3 syllable boy names in the comments, I would really appreciate it.

If you are related to me - and you know some good family names - please leave those in the comments as well.

I've never been this unprepared with a name and I'm starting to freak out a tiny bit. Just a tiny bit.



Jan said...

I love the name Nelson after Grandpa M. I used to love the name Duncan when I was little, too.

Kristine Hanson said...

Reid, Guy, Garrett, Bradley, Tyler

angela said...

I've got nothin' - that's why we chose to find out the sex on #2 and #3, knowing we wouldn't have a boy name if it was a boy. Of course, both were boys. But it took a majority of the 9months to come up with them!

I have an awesome girl name that we never got to use - Mara.

katie said...

Amos. It's all I got.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Are you ready? Here we go!

Getting popular or already over used, but still great names:
Patrick (never Pat)
Chandler (can it ever be fresh again?)
Elliot (love)
Bennett (too Utah?)

Less common, possibly too hipster on a few:
Noel (ah the 90's music scene)
Heath (too soon?)
Cedrick (too black for your lily boys?)
Leon (see above)
Malcolm (see above)
Yohann (yaaahh?)
Dexter (too serial killer?)
Sergio (ok, I just like saying it. Don't name your son Sergio)
Harper (too girly?)
Truman (love)
Mortimer (?)
Marshall (too old man?)
Atticus (too too hipster?)
Gill (love)

And the next few are ones that I plan to very possibly use, but I don't care if you like them, cause you guys are cool. Just know that if you use one I will one day be "copying" you. (Just covering bases, you are probably laughing at them as I type:
Nigel (heart)
Basil (heart)
Winston (heart)
Desmond (heart)
Arthur (heart)

Yes, we plan on having an underweight British son someday.

Julie said...

Warren and Elliott topped our boy lists. Not too many of them yet! Right before our kids were born, and when we still didn't have names, we would go to movies and sit through all the credits reading the names, hoping for inspiration!!!
Good luck....

Jan said...

I have a sister whose middle name is Mara. It means bitter in Hebrew. I think it means ocean or something in Spanish, though, doesn't it?

Anyhow, I thought of another one that I like. My friend has a son named Aiden.

I would tell you the one I'm saving for me but you'll take it. It's THAT cool. lol

katie said...

The only good family names I could think of were Golden and Leo.

Dukes said...

We are going with Jonathan David. I don't care if you use either one :) You could also use Owen, but it is getting popular. Not sure if you care about that.

Oh also, Whitney, not sure if you care to use it for a boy. We'll probably use it for a girl, if we ever get one :)

Ashley said...

hmmm, Max Whitney sounds good...

Peruchos said...

I was thinking about it, and I think Lyman would be such a cool, unique name...just a thought. There's tons of James/ Jamie's/ and Jim's in the fam, and I love the name Jimmy. There's an uncle Marvin, which I thought was a fun name. I love Jordan, as well, but it's really a cousin and not an ancestor.:) There's Albert, William (which I think is old fashioned, but a very nice name). Good luck, my dear!