13 October 2010

A new quilt for new baby 5

So I started out making one quilt, not loving it, and making an entirely different quilt. All that really matters is that I've finished it in plenty of time before the baby gets here. (I only have 4 - 5 weeks!)

The whole quilt

A bit of a close up of those adorably Japanese elephants

The back is just solid light grey. The quilting is my own design. I did it on my regular old machine. It worked out great and didn't take too long. I think I'll use this design again.

I had just enough of those cute little ladybugs to bind the quilt with them. Cute.


carrie said...

love, love, love it. everything.

Kristine Hanson said...

is this the one you like or don't like? I love it!! Can't go wrong with patchwork and I love anything with yellow in it!

angela said...

Love it! The fabrics and the way you quilted them are just fabulous!

Very cool.

katie said...

I really like the quilting and the elaphants

sara said...

Looks so great! I love your quilting and those ladybugs are to die for.

Sorry I don't have any name suggestions... the only ones I could think of were already on Marianne's long list :)

Dukes said...

Love it! You are so talented!