03 October 2010

The best thing about Utah

Living here has never really been my first choice. But I love it in the fall when we can drive up to the mountains and see the leaves turning.

We usually try to get in a drive through the fall leaves before it gets too cold. I don't even remember if we went last year, since my fall was filled with other things. (For an entire history of what was keeping me down, click here). I did find photos from 2 years ago. You can look at them here.

This time we went up to Park City and went for a short hike. It was gorgeous! And I think the boys loved it. Luke especially loves going "on the mountain" and he's always disappointed if we just drive and don't get out and walk a bit.

Charlie wanted me to take a photo of him skipping rocks on the road. This is right at the beginning.
Sam wanted me to take a picture of him with every flower, leaf, rock, and piece of bark he picked up.

This is the pocket of Charlie's cargo shorts, which he filled with rocks at the beginning. He dumped them right at the end, telling me how it was making it harder to walk with them in his pocket.

Sorry Dan, this was the better shot of the two.

My favorite leaf - Big Tooth Maple. Prettiest color and prettiest shape.

Can you tell how dirty Luke's face is in this photo? He kept tripping and falling (but no crying) and it was quite dusty. He was a mess when we were finally done.

Here are the boys at the end of the hike. We hiked behind them and all the way to the right. It was really gorgeous.

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sara said...

Great pictures. What is it with boys picking up rocks? Actually my girls do it too; I find so many in pockets with the laundry.

I always forget how pretty Utah is until we go there to visit; there really are so many lovely places to see.