23 January 2011

the nicest cowboy i've ever met

I'm not sure what it is - but when Charlie takes photos lately, he gives me the cutest smiles. I get them in real life a lot too. It's just so cute - I'm glad it's documented. Since I took his Halloween photos first - I'm posting them first.

(If you'll remember, I only took his photos because he was ready all day long. By the time everyone else was ready - it was dark and I was planning to take photos the next day. But the next day I went into labor and then . . . you can read the rest of the story here if you want to.)

Also - please compare these photos to these photos of Jack when he was 4 years old.

Charlie carved this pumpkin pretty much by himself. If you blow the picture up, you can see that he stabbed his name above the eyes of the jack-o-lantern.