09 March 2012

a few other things

Just some random stuff that we're up to around here.

Here is Henry excited to see me come home. He also gets excited when Dan comes home or when the brothers come home.

Here were Sam's efforts on marshmallow toothpick structures one day.

Here Luke asked me if that was a mole on his tortilla.

Here I got to go out to dinner with just Jack. He talked about video games the whole time.

And here is a little update on the band. We recently got a microphone. As soon as it was hooked it up - Charlie started singing We Built This City on Rock n Roll by Starship. He does not get sick of it. Maybe he'll be our lead singer.

Here is my view from the drums, but usually I can see Dan. We've been trying to practice more (since I have no idea whatsoever how to play the drums). And Dan has compiled a set list called "the set list.

The Set List

1. Mental Obsession by Tullycraft
2. Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies
3. 1st Things 1st by Phantom Planet
4. Boys Don't Cry by The Cure
5. Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying by Belle and Sebastian
6. Whenever You're Around by The Ocean Blue
7. Pure by Lightning Seeds
8. Confetti by The Lemonheads

We are actually getting okay at the Ocean Blue song and Here Comes Your Man. My fave on the list is 1st things 1st.


emily and logan said...

i love that set list. especially the phantom planet since i always get crap from people for liking them. Logan has an old bass guitar. maybe i should learn to play that and we could have a whole thing goin on!

Ashley said...

haha i love how luke asked if that was a mole, and how jack talked about video games the whole time you were at dinner. that's why he likes andrew so much... ;)

polka dots said...

love this post. i want to play in your band.

jlj said...

i'm home in the middle of june, i will be waiting for a show.