07 March 2012

new for me

I have never enjoyed running. Ever. I've run one real 5k race and the only reason I wasn't last is because Dan let me hit the finish line right before him. The person who came in last had gotten an injury. Dan read the paper the whole time. It wasn't fun.

Recently I lost weight. I actually lost 40 pounds last year (I did have a baby right before that too). And after I lost the weight I decided that I wanted to become more active. A friend told me about an upcoming race and I started training that week. I signed up for the race with some friends and I've been training for 6 weeks now. Last Saturday I ran 5 miles. On most of my runs I push my 35 pound toddler in a crappy stroller.

Can you tell I'm proud of myself? I'm proud that I haven't missed a run in the whole 6 weeks. I'm proud that I've made it 6 weeks. I'm proud that I keep going even though it's snowy and windy and cold. I am not the most consistent person on the planet, but I know I am capable of being more consistent because I have done this.

This is the training program I'm doing. When I'm done with it - I'm going to start the half marathon training.

I also read this book while I was pregnant and I felt like bursting out the door to go running. Even if you don't enjoy running at all - it is the most interesting book I've ever read.

Also - favorite song on the ipod while running - Daft Punk is Playing at My House - LCD Soundsystem.


sara said...

Oh LeighLeigh. You're so awesome! I'm going to email you right now.

Mel said...

That is awesome! Running is not easy but it is a good mental challenge. I am so proud of you. I never thought I could run a half marathon and then you do and you want to run one again( maybe not right after that) but you will. I want to read that book. I'm glad for your recommendation. Congrats on the weight loss!!!

angela said...

That's fabulous!!! I totally wimp out if things are inconvenient. But I got on the scale and need to get my butt moving again. Thanks for the motivation. And I placed a hold on the audio of that book from my library. It looks so interesting.

Tabitha said...

You go girl!

Stephanie said...

Yeah for you Leigh!!! Good job. I will have to come run with you! I love a training program because you just don't think about it, you just do what the program says. Daft Punk is definitely not on my play list, but "I Say a Little Prayer for you" is. I will think of you too now when it comes on. I do like "Boom Chakalaka" to keep me going on hills. You've got a lot of them there. Maybe you could try it.