19 February 2008

grateful again

1. Charlie singing Angels We Have Heard on High (the gloria part, which goes on and on.)

2. Sam writing a thank you note (his own idea, with no prompting from me) to our California neighbor, Matthew, who always sends him birthday and Christmas gifts, but who Sam hasn't seen since he was one.

3. Dan's job. Even though it takes him away from us a lot, his job really takes care of us too.

4. Comments (on my blog).

5. My kids being good eaters. They'll try almost anything and love Indian food, Thai food, and cauliflower and broccoli.

6. A sewing machine. What would I do without a sewing machine?

7. Disposable diapers. I feel pretty guilty about putting SO many diapers in the landfill, but apparently not guilty enough to use cloth diapers.

8. Blogging. Even though I spend a lot of time on it, I love the connections with a lot of you that I had lost touch with. Also - it's a great journal for me (since I am not an excellent journal-writer.)

9. This Old House (the show - I'm kind of mad at my own old house right at the moment.)

10. Spring is coming!


Ashley said...

i am grateful spring is coming too!!! But it better hurry up!!! I'm losing my patience!

Melanie Whiting said...

I love your old house. It has such Character!! I love diapers as well. I think the last time I used my very new sewing machine was when you helped me make Kate's quilt. How sad is that!! I bought material to make curtains for my bedroom. I need you as my neighbor again :)

KA said...

If teaching people how to sew is what you do when you are their neighbor, than I may need to move to your neighborhood.

Casey said...

i love it when kids sing christmas songs in february too. our kids still thank heavenly father for "such a good christmas" in every prayer. I guess we spent the right amount this year.

Molly said...

I love the blog world connection too! Oh and i wish I had good eaters. Ty is awesome but Ben is oh so picky. He pretty much eats oatmeal most of the time, ha!

Willie said...

You totally need to put a video up of Charlie singing Angels on your blog that kid is hilarious. Also I am also a commentaholic, we should start a commentaholics anonymous group, Amanda would totally join.

Heidi Atkin said...

I bought a sewing machine today for $6. It's about the size of a stapler and meant to use for crafts like scrapbooks, but still, it's a step, right? Love your blog.