14 April 2009

storage space

Hi everyone. I need some ideas and advice. I'm running out of storage space on my PC and it's because of all the music/photos/videos we have on here. We bought an external hard drive recently so we could put everything on it, but then we were told that you need a backup for your external hard drive so that if it crashes you still have your data. So my question is - what do you do for storage space? Do you put all your pictures on a website like flickr and then erase it from your hard drive? Do you just get more than one external hard drive? Do you have any other ideas? I want to make sure things are backed up and that my hard drive has the space it needs to run well.

Thanks for all your well wishes for Luke. He's feeling much better and has a great cough, which is good, since he needs to get that crap out!

Also - I'm in the slow process of updating the shop. There are several new styles of earrings in there. Let me know if you like anything that's new. I'll be adding more stuff for the next week or so.


emily and logan said...

do you know how to do clip-ons? i want to get some for logan's mom.

Doug & Stef said...

I don't know about that, but I did just read about Luke - poor thing! I hope he gets over it quickly :)

Pants said...

Good to hear that Luke is doing better, it must have been so scary for all of you.

For photos, we have the majority backed up on an external hard drive and again on flickr. For music, it's backed up on the original CD, a hard drive, and if we only have the mp3 of a song/album, again on ollie's old RCA mp3 player.

Casey said...

Hey Leigh,
Here's what happened to me.
In school I bought a 250GB external HD and saved all my school work to that. Well, during my internship in Philly, it fried and I lost all of it. I talked to our IT guys and they said HD's are really only good for about 3-5 years or so if you are consistently using them. So I went out and bought two. A 350GB HD as my "Archiving" HD and a 150 portable HD as my everyday HD and I try not to store anything on my computer, but if I do, I try to get it onto both HD's every month or so. I know it sounds pretty redundant, but I'm not losing everything with one fair swoop again. We also tried putting all of our Family pics on a DVD and it was able to hold tons of pics so that is another option, but I am leary of technology and scratched CD's as a whole as of late, so you are probably just best off printing everything off, and recording everything to CD's and DVD's and burying them in a timecapsule in your yard!