08 July 2009

Timpanogos Cave

Dan had the day off on Monday, so we decided to take the guys up to Timp cave. It was pretty cool. If you've never gone, you should check it out sometime. If you haven't been for 20 years (like Dan and I) you should also go. (In the photo Charlie is hiding behind me because he did not want to be in the photo. nice.)

It was a little bit of a hike - 1 1/2 miles uphill, an hour through the caves, and then back down. They say it's about 3 hours total. But I don't think they're counting on a (nearly) 2 year old who's trying to get out of the backpack the whole time and a 4 year old who whines the entire way up and down (and in the cave when he had to go to the bathroom.)

Also - I ought to mention that Sam was a champion hiker. He did not complain once and he thanked us for taking him when we got down. What a nice guy. I can't say the same for anyone else.

But it was fun, and it was beautiful. And I'm sore.

The boys are watching a chipmunk. They all froze when they saw it so that they could then catch it. We got up to the top with 20 minutes to spare. Thankfully there were a bunch of chipmunks around to entertain them.


sara said...

I've never been there but we're planning to go when we're in Utah in a few weeks ~ thanks for the info!

emily and logan said...

i was hoping you would say that charlie was simply the photographer in the first photo. that would've been awesome.

Amanda said...

I love your new shirt. I really am tempted to try to make one for myself, but my sewing projects never go as planned:(

emily said...

looks like fun. that is on my list of things to do in utah!

ang said...

hey your head is looking great in this picture!!!!!!! LOVE the shirt. i wonder if i could make it. what kind of fabric did you use?

also, glad you guys had a fun time. i don't know when we would dare attempt an adventure like that with the kiddos.

Jamie said...

funny about Sam. Makes me wonder what other things you can come up with for him. Maybe some kind of play structure will keep him busy all day.